Download forms


Here are the forms that can be useful for You if You are already working or just planning to start working by Level One Uitzendbureau:

Work hour registration form – You can complete this form, when You want to inform us when and how many hours You were working on a certain day.

Holiday request form – You can complete this form, when You want to take a day off or request time off for holiday.

Kilometer registration form – You can complete this form, if You are driving to/from work with Your own car.

Bank / email form – You can complete this form in order to give information (or change) of Your bank account details and email address.

Recent jobs

● Car glass repair

As a car glass technician: as inspecting vehicle glass for damage, repairing the damage or removing damaged glass, installing new ...
Emmeloord, The Netherlands

Employees in a carrot company

Cutting, packing, and boxing carrots; Ensuring carrots meet quality standards before packaging; Hourly rate: €13,27; Overtime: Monday to Friday: 00:00-06:00: 140%; 19:00-23:00: 125%; ...
Kraggenburg, The Netherlands

Container unloader

As a container unloader, you unload containers by hand and put the products (boxes) on the pallet. The boxes weigh 12,5 ...
Heerenveen, The Netherlands