What do we offer?

Are you looking for permanent employment, temporary employment or maybe you would like to work implementing projects? Full or part-time or flexible work hours?

Level One Uitzendbureau conducts several essential activities:

  • Temporary employment
  • Payroll

Together with our employers, we search for the best job offer solutions. Our objective is a situation, from which all parties profit: the ordering party, you as candidates, and us.


If we find you to be a good candidate for Level One, we will offer you:

  • Matched, pleasant job
  • Personal support
  • The opportunity to gain comprehensive experience


If you need accomodation we can also provide this. The rent for one week is € 88 all-in. Look on our Housing page for all information about our housing and to see some examples.

Also we can offer you our health insurance. We have a collective with HollandZorg which is a health insurance option which is focussed on workers who are working in Holland but live outside of Holland. The no-risk is € 0,- and also in some cases dental costs are covered. The cost of insurance is € 35,49 per week.


Level One is looking for people who would like to work in the Netherlands. Such persons may count on professional and individual support. Level One offers a wide range of jobs both for a longer period, as well as just a few weeks.

Below you can find general information regarding the insurance, accommodation, salary and departure:

  • You are obliged to have a passport or an ID document.
  • Our Clients expects a candidate to be ready to take up employment in the Netherlands, for a period of at least 6 weeks. (In case of a longer stay, there is a possibility of regular trips home in consultation with Level One)
  • You will receive information regarding the most important rules.
  • Prior to departure, you will be informed about information needed for the job offer and accommodation.
  • Depending on the job offer, vocational experience or education in a particular field might be required.



  • Level One provides accommodation in the Netherlands, with the place of residence offered as close to the work place, as possible
  • Costs associated with the accommodation are deducted from the gross or netto salary.
  • Check Accomodation for some examples.


Health insurance

  • Level One ensures health insurance, which is obligatory in the Netherlands. The premium is deducted from the salary of the employee.
  • The cost is only € 35,49 per week.



  • Hourly rate varies and depends on the job offer.
  • The remuneration is transferred to a bank account.
  • Should you require using a foreign bank account, please obtain a print-out of your bank account number (IBAN) and the bank SWIFT number in your country.
  • You can find the fill-in form here.



  • We assist in organizing your departure (transport to an address we indicate).

We are inviting You to check our vacancies and apply for job! Here you can fill in application form.

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