Luttelgeest, the Netherlands  €16hour / €2773 - 3466month
 40 - 50 hours  Long term job

  • You are an operational manager 'on the move', where you always have a different department under your wing. But you start clearly: first location where you get to know the processes completely and manage the team in a coaching and result-oriented way.
  • You get to know the structure, process and data side of thecompany well during the first period. You learn how to access and use all data.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the work process runs as efficiently as possible by properly distributing the work.
  • Onboard new employees
  • Quality control
  • You work about 70% of the time in the greenhouses where you walk around, answer questions and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Regularly report the results achieved at the location for which you are responsible to the management.
  • Is everything going well at the first location? Then you start as a coaching manager of a second department. In this way you gradually coach the entire company, while retaining responsibility for your own location.
  • Your goal is to support both employees and managers in process and people-oriented management and better cooperation - of course without affecting the production results.

 Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €13.50hour / €2340month
 40 hours  Seasonal job (possibility to work other job after the season)

As transport planner you are responsible of the transport planning of Level One Uitzendbureau. Every day we arrange for ca 75 persons transport from home to work and later back to home. You are the first contact person for drivers, coordinators and account managers. Job starts from 1-6-2023 till 1-10-2023   Work tasks:

  • Creating transport planning;
  • Monitoring and improving the planning that everything goes as expected (we work with dynamic companies, so every day is different);
  • Administrations tasks:
  1. Bike administration;
  2. Car administration;
  3. Processing working hours of the drivers.
Working times:
  • Our planners work in 2 shifts: the first shift starts at 05:00 till 14:00 the second shift starts from 13:00 till 20:00. Every week we switch the shift.

 Swifterbant, The Netherlands  €16hour / €2773 - 3466month
 40 - 50 hours  Long term job

Repair and maintenance work of trucks, trailers, busses etc.    

 Swifterbant, The Netherlands  €16hour / €2773 - 3466month
 40 - 50 hours  Long term job

  • You are responsible for washing and cleaning trucks, trailers, campers or commercial vehicles from A to Z: paintwork, chassis, rims and other parts.
  • The car wash of this company is equipped with new cleaning material: brushes, high-pressure pumps and other new equipment.

 The Netherlands  €11.75hour / €1935 - 2291month
 38 - 45 hours  Seasonal job

  • Sorting, peeling tulip bulbs;
  • Inside work at assembly line;
  • €11,75 per hour, overtime hours are paid 135%;
  • Depending on the company it can be 1 morning shift or 2 shifts (morning and afternoon);
  • Work for 5 - 6 days per week.