Urk, The Nederlands  €13.80hour / €2392month
 40 hours  Long term job

  • Order picking;
  • Control check;
  • Start hourly payment from € 13,80 and possibility to develop up to € 16,00 (depending on experience);
  • Indoor cold temperature -20 degrees (company provides the clothes).

 Flevoland, Netherlands  €13.68hour / €2371 - 2964 bruto/month
 40-50 hours  Seasonal job

If you enjoy working in fruit picking, want to have an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Netherlands and earn some extra money, this offer is for you! We are looking for candidates for picking apples and pears for the end of August. After this season, it's possible to continue working with us for a long-term.

 Tha Netherlands  €hour / €Depending on the company where you workmonth
 38 - 50  Long term job

Are you looking for an opportunity to start working abroad? Are you interested in a well-paid job with accommodation and transport to/ from work? We can offer you a job in the Netherlands and the only thing that you have to do is to send your CV to us and we will check for the best job offer for you!   Here you can see examples of different jobs:

  • Different factories (fish, clothes and more)
  • Food production, line work
  • Warehouses work – loading/ unloading, order picking, forklift/ reach truck driving
  • Technical job (mechanic, welder, electrician etc.)

 Flevoland/ Friesland, The Netherlands  €17hour / €2947month
 40 hours  Long term job

As an operator, you will be responsible for operating specialized equipment designed for controlled burning of grass and weeds in various landscapes, including residential lawns, parks, and recreational areas. Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate grass burning equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Conduct pre-burn assessments to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.
  • Maintain equipment, ensuring it is in good working order and reporting any issues.
  • Follow all safety protocols to prevent uncontrolled fires and ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • Provide basic maintenance and cleanup post-burn.
  • 5 working days
  • Working hours: 06:30 - 16:15

 Steenwijk, The Netherlands  €24hour / €4160month
 40 hours  Long term job

  • As a Production Leader, you are the link between the Production Manager and the 5 production teams. You are responsible for efficiently directing and coaching the teams during the execution of production processes and motivating them to achieve production goals. You prefer to be present on the shop floor.
  • Additionally, you adjust production processes as necessary to enhance or ensure quality, fully utilizing your technical knowledge. You are also responsible for the personnel matters of the team, which includes coaching sessions, leave, absence discussions, recording conversations, etc. In short, you facilitate the teams so that they can enjoy their work.
  • We find it important that health, environmental, safety, and quality standards are adhered to, and we ask that you contribute to these areas as well. This includes reporting incidents (near-misses, accidents, and environmental issues) during shift work.
  • Working hours: 07:30 -16:30
  • 5 working days
  • Overtime: if you work more than 9 hours per day - 125%

 Wolvega, The Netherlands  €16.85hour / €2970month
   Long term work

Do you enjoy being active, thrive on a varied set of tasks, and look forward to a promising career? Then a fantastic position awaits you at the leading employer in Wolvega and the surrounding area! About the Role: As a Maintenance Technician you ensure that the production process runs smoothly. You solve various malfunctions and prevent new ones from occurring. Additionally, you provide technical support to the process by being helpful, taking initiative, making decisions, and working accurately. You will work under the supervision of a facility manager and alongside two great colleague technicians. Do you want to apply your extensive experience with pneumatics, mechanics, and electrical engineering more broadly? Then this is the job for you!

  • Start hourly payment from €22 because every hour is paid 130,6%: €16,85 + 30,6% = €22 (depending on your experience, possibility to develop and grow)
  • 5 shifts:
    • 05:30 till 13:35
    • 13:25 till 21:30
    • 21:25 till 5:30 (if you work in night shift, you will receive an extra payment of €55 (gross)
    • The working hours include breaks of a total of 30 minutes per shift, divided into: two times 15 min
  • If you work in 5 shifts schedule, you will work 2 morning shifts, 2 afternoon shifts, 2 night shifts and then you have 4 days free

 Emmeloord, Noordoostpolder  €hour / €The salary is commensurate with your education and experiencemonth
 Fulltime  Vaste baan

A fun, challenging job full of variety? From managing and mentoring an international team of 10 - 15 coordinators on a daily basis to thinking along with and implementing process improvements.   From actively participating in the operational management team to regularly visiting our customers together with relationship managers and/or coordinators to further strengthen the relationship and, -where possible-, expand it. Are you that social, result-oriented person who gets energy from both managing the day-to-day operations and thinking about improvements, process optimizations and their implementation? Then we are looking for you!   In the role of team lead coordination, you will have plenty of room to use your management skills and experiment with innovative ideas to make your departments and thus our company a little better, more efficient and more effective every day!   Responsibilities  

  • Responsible for managing and mentoring a team of 10 – 15 coordinators, who are in daily contact with Level One relationship managers and migrant workers (with regard to work, transport, housing, etc.)
  • Selection (together with the "recruitment & selection" department) and onboarding of new (assistant) coordinators
  • Division of labour within the coordinator team (new customers, seasonal customers, etc.)
  • Development of the coordinator team as a team and also individual personal development of team members
  • Functional consultation with other departments within Level One (commerce, absenteeism, recruitment & selection, housing, transport, contract management, finance)
  • Inspirator of ideas and for creating and stimulating the mindset within the team to want to get a little better at what we do every day!

 Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €16hour / €2773month
 40 hours  Long term job

Each machine at Conrad is custom-built. This means that as a construction worker, you need to be versatile. You master multiple techniques and think in terms of solutions. Forget about routine work, every day is different and goes differently than you had planned.

  • You work independently and consult with your direct colleagues (about 3) when necessary.
  • You are responsible for performing various welding tasks according to technical specifications and drawings.
  • You work on workpieces with different welding techniques and materials.

 Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €16hour / €2773month
 40 hours  Long term job

Each drilling installation is custom-built at this company, but they also service customers with other brands of drilling installations. So, the "all-round" aspect of your role is there for a reason. You will focus on the service and (preventive) maintenance of delivered drilling installations. This work will be done on-site in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, and at the workshop in Emmeloord.

  • The tasks can be constructive, mechanical, hydraulic, motor-related, pneumatic, and electrical in nature.
  • You will analyze malfunctions, repair, overhaul, and modify.
  • As an All-round Technician Service, you will work independently and report to the Team Lead of Conrad Service Solutions.

 Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €16hour / €2773month
 40 hours  Long term job

The electrical department is responsible for writing the complete control program for the vertical drilling machine. The company produces their control cabinets themselves, install the system on the drilling machine, adjust and test the system. The team consists of a foreman, electrical engineers, and electrical mechanics. We are looking to expand the team with an electrical employee. As an electrical employee, you are responsible for producing electronic wire harnesses for the drilling machines from a schematic drawing and connection tables. This means you must work very precisely and focused, and be able to work routinely. Tasks

  • Assembling electronic components (cable harness)
  • Reading schematic drawings and working according to connection tables
  • Logical and problem-solving reasoning