Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €Depends on the company where you are working month
 38 - 50 hours  Seasonal job

Are you looking for a seasonal job in 2022? Are you interested in a well-paid job with accommodation and transport to/ from work? Here you can see examples of different seasonal jobs:

  • In greenhouses of potted flowers;
  • Tulip greenhouses;
  • Greenhouse work with vegetables (bell peppers, tomatoes);
  • Vegetable sorting;
  • In flowers' fields;
  • Field weeding, etc.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €start salary at least 2200 month
 40 hours  Long term job

  • Working time Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00 (phone calls till 18:00);
  • You will be responsible for our temporary employees and cooperation with clients, we will teach you how to handle this;
  • Temporary workers must be sent to work at the clients, and accommodation and transport to work must be organized in cooperation with the accommodation and transport planners.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €Salary depends on your experience month
 40 hours  Long term job

  • Working time 17:00 – 08:30 (Monday to Friday);
  • You should be available 2 weekends every month;
  • You will be the first contact person for different questions, planning issues or emergency situations, we will teach you how to handle this;
  • You will collaborate and keep in touch with temporary employees or our customers;
  • In the morning you will be the first contact for employees who report being absent from work and you will have to inform the customer about this, and if necessary, arrange a replacement for an absent employee;
  • You will have to make a report for your shift for the day shift coordinators.