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You can register yourself directly here – REGISTER. We will contact You as soon as possible as we can offer You a suitable job position.

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In the Netherlands, the Identification Requirement Act applies. You must be able to present a valid identity document (passport or identity card) when registering. If You actually start, it is mandatory to be able to hand over Your proof of identity to employer if asked. You must also ensure that Your identification document is valid. So make sure You renew your document in time.

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You have to have a valid European ID card/passport. Also we will need Your BSN document, bank account details in order to pay salary, and email address to send payslips and other information to You. We will need Your CV, too.

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Everyone who has to pay tax in the Netherlands needs a Citizen Service Number (BSN). If You do not have it, we will organize an appointment to obtain it as soon as You arrive in the Netherlands.

If You already have a BSN number, we need this for our personnel file and also to be able to pay all payments.

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The basic health insurance is mandatory for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. The basic insurance covers the standard costs of, ex.: the general practitioner, hospital or pharmacy. Additional health insurance is not compulsory.

You are responsible for registering with an insurer. If you are not insured, you run the risk of a fine. We offer collective health insurance to our temporary workers. The premium is deducted from your salary and we take care of the registration and/or deregistration and other administrative matters. The premium for 2024 is €35,49

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Our work area is mainly in the province of Flevoland and peripheral areas. Of course, we try to plan this as efficiently as possible, so that traffic movements and travel time are kept to a minimum.

We have a large number of customers where there is the possibility of permanent work for the whole year. We are therefore active in various sectors. In addition, we also have many short assignments during certain periods. Of course we try to offer everyone as much continuity as possible.

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First you have to come to our office located in Emmeloord, Daalder 2, 8305 BE. We will meet you here and we can arrange the transport to your living location if needed or when agreed differently.

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There are two registration possibilities in the Netherlands: registration as a non – resident (RNI) and registration as a resident in the BRP; If you comply with the RNI rules but would prefer to register as a resident in the BRP, ask the municipal authority in the municipality where you will live if this is possible. Not all municipal authorities make this possible. More information you can find on this website

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