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Health Insurance

Everyone who is working in The Netherlands needs to have a Health Insurance. We can provide it for you of you want. We have a collective with HolandZorg.
HollandZorg offers a suitable Helath Insurance for peopel which are living abroad but work in The Netherlands.
HollandZorg provides a personal log in to see all your details and arrange things digital.

Click on this link to see all information about HollandZorg and the conditions.
Holland Zorg Flexpolis

Click on this link to find more information about how to register and make your own account if you are insured by HollandZorg.

If you made the choice for the Health Insurance from HollandZorg you will receive an welcome email from HollandZorg after they activated your insurance.
In this email you can find your relation number form HollandZorg which you will need to create your own account.

For the first registration you will need the following details:
– Relationnumber HollandZorg
– Date of birth
– Mobile number

You can do this first registration by clicking on the link below:
Register HollandZorg

After this is done you will have access to your personal My HollandZorg account

In the My HollandZorg portal you will be able to find several things. Also your digital Health Insurance (digital EHIC) card can be found here.

Compulsory health insurance: Flexpolis public healthcare insurance

The Flexpolis public healthcare insurance is the compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands. Public healthcare insurance gives insured the right to the most necessary healthcare, such as general practitioner care, hospitalisation and emergency care.

Supplementary insurance: Flexpolis No Risk I and No Risk II

With supplementary insurance, your foreign employees are entitled to additional reimbursements that are particularly interesting to them, but which are not reimbursed under the compulsory public healthcare insurance. The reimbursements of our supplementary insurances are listed below:

No Risk I 2023 No Risk II 2023
Compulsory excess as defined in the public healthcare insurance (€385,-) 100%
Emergency dental treatment in the Netherlands maximum € 200,- per calendar year
Repatriation (transport home) within Europe when medically necessary 100%
Repatriation (transport home) within Europe in the event of death 100%
Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines of €250 100%


For more information, please view our online reimbursement schedule or read our insurance conditions (PDF).

You have to call to your coordinator and explain how you feel and what happened, if it is necessary a visit at a doctor will be arranged.

On the first day of incapacity for work, the temporary employee is obliged to report this fact by phone to the agency. This should be done as soon as possible, and in any case before 10:00 am.

Agency work employment contract with agency clause:

Fase A:  The first day of incapacity for work apply as waiting day pursuant to the Sickness Benefits Act, for which the temporary agency worker is not entitled to any benefit.

The daily wage used for the purpose of calculation of benefits is established by Public Employment Services (UWV) or by the private employment agency that is self-insured for the purposes of the Sickness Benefits Act.

Agency work employment contract without agency clause:

The first day of incapacity for work applies as a waiting day for which the temporary agency worker is not entitled to pay.

The temporary agency worker will be entitled to 90% of the time-based wage for the first 52 weeks of incapacity for work and at least the applicable statutory minimum wage.

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